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A Video Blog (Vlog) example

This is a brief example of how to record, edit and upload some video to a blog. It’s all very low-fi, but that’s okay, there’s an acceptable aesthetic with web-based video that we’ve become used to. Most of what we watch on the web is low-fi, we just barely notice it these days.

Also important is the fact that it was captured without much preparation. I could have just as easily have used my mobile phone and Bluetooth to transfer it to my computer. The point is, there will be times when it’s worth capturing something without having brought along hi-tech equipment, but it’s still valid as documentation of an event.


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Amp networking events

Amp, the networking series of events, who want:

To make the UK the most connected place on the planet.

To help as many people as who want to have as many powerful conversations as they care to.

To bring support, encouragement and amplification to the most innovative thinkers in the UK.

Amplified – recognition of ‘social’ as both a normal innovative & management process and social media is an amplifier of that.

Making social media practioners more effective, innovative, creative, accessible, able to bridge the silos, listened to.

Make the UK the world’s most networked economy by 2010.

Make social media a mainstream way of doing business, education, creation. Make all workplaces network places. By 2010.

I’m assuming that they’re a bit like Creative Coffee Club(CCC), but as another network opportunity. I’m not entirely sure as to why they are different (at least from reading their blurb) from CCC. Although perhaps it doesn’t matter whether they are or not. The vital thing might be that all these different networks reach different people through different channels? If people from CCC are going along to the Amp events, then a Venn diagram of connections are being made and more people are making contact with others who might share familiar ideas and goals etc.

On their Wiki, they have a page for discussion on how the live streaming and online discussions could have been better worked.

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