Web 3.0

I guess part of the problem (or let us say, issue) around starting to comment and think about any new developments or memes, is that you immediately begin to be a carrier of that meme/virus yourself. You become part of the hype and the reason that everyone else is talking about it. So it’s with a certain amount of hesitation that I even write this post.

There’s already much talk about web 3.0 and people are mentioning it without necessarily engaging with the broader picture. Trying to find out some more information, the best report I’ve found so far has been this one in the TimesOnline: taking a nice overview and interviewing one of the people involved.Web 3.0 and beyond: the next 20 years of the internet. I have a feeling that as thing progress and the term gets taken over by the corporate sector, it’s meaning will become more wrapped up in marketing values and business speak, as Web 2.0 has done.

In essence, Web 3.0 is going to be about taking the current web (and all of our user-generated content and everything else we’ve been posting) and adding another layer on top of that. Making it more semantic (which many people ahve been talking about for a few years now). So, instead of just having that content there in place and using tools like Google to search, there will be the ability to aggregate content based on what you know and what you might also be interested in. Sounds familiar already? It is a bit like the Amazon function of suggesting that if you liked one thing, you’ll love something else similar that others enjoyed. It is also about ‘knowing’ more about your requests or needs in an intelligent way. As for the Web 3.0 moniker, here’s one of the best explanations of the use of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 that I’ve heard so far, from Nova Spivack, the founder of Radar Networks:

“We have had the first decade of the web, or Web 1.0,” he says, which was about the development of the basic platform of the internet and the ability to make huge amounts of information widely accessible, “and we’re nearing the end of the second decade – Web 2.0 – which was all about the user interface” and enabling users to connect with one another.

“Now we’re about to enter the third decade – Web 3.0 – which is about making the web much smarter.”


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