Jock McQueenie

Last Thursday at ICE, we had Jock McQueenie come in and present to us, and afterwards hold a workshop for students. Jock has been working in Australia for many years now, engaging business and the creative sector (creative sector/industries: discuss) in working on projects that are mutually beneficial. Artists who perceive themselves as being ‘pure’ and having no truck with industry (afterall, that’s part of the reason they didn’t go into industry in teh first place: it’s not for them) often struggle with the notion of engaging and seeking funding through industry. However, it’s a reality that for most work-a-day creative folks, this will be at least one source of income for them.

Part of Jock’s talk was about projects that he has been involved with, and it certainly got us at ICE:cubes thinking about how we go about presenting the ICE folks through social networking channels.

Jock McQueenie has previously published a paper on his work so far. This quote was relevant to my own thoughts:

The emergence of concepts such as the “triple bottom line” – or “quadruple”, god help us – identify social and environmental outcomes as being as important to good corporate citizenship as purely financial ones. The social, political, economic environment is more complex than it has ever been. The greatest demand from those who need to navigate this complexity is not for art or finished cultural product but creativity itself – and it is the creative sector to which the economic and social sectors are turning to supply it.


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