Stewart Home on web2.0

The writer Stewart Home is a complex, intelligent guy who has always played around with perceptions of identity and dissemination of cultural ideas through both print (his novels use genres such as Bovver Boy/Skinhead culture to then critique and discuss ideologies of marxism etc) and the Internet (he has blogged on MySpace and plays with Facebook accounts). I’ve tried to summarise what he’s about on my own blog previously, but never really succeeded. In a recent post he talks a little about artists using web2.0:

when I first looked at MySpace a little before O’Reilly published that text, rock bands clearly knew how to promote themselves to a new (as well as their existing) audience via this site, but writers and artists on the whole didn’t. The later two categories of would-be culture industry ‘professionals’ tended to use the internet as a means of advertising (largely ineffectively) what they were doing, rather than integrating their activities into it.


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    Hey thanks for the shout. I’ll actually be putting a longer piece about what I was doing on MySpace out as an ediffusion pamphlet probably at the end of next week, and then putting it on the main part of my website a few weeks later.

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