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Quite a lot happening this week around the ICE building (I want to start calling it the ICE House!). This morning I’ve had a meeting with Will Grant from Bigbutton.TV. One of the subjects that came up was the idea of using interactive video. Inserting hyperlinks and pop-up text over areas of interest. It’s interesting to see how this has developed over the years. There have been many systems around for doing this, from Livestage Pro, which I believe is now defunct to VideoClix, all of which had their pros and cons. The last two in particular worked directly with QuickTime movies that could then be loaded in web pages.

The interest in interactive video for ICE: Cubes would be to use the commenting function to allow people to mark points in the timeline so they could leave remarks for others, or perhaps link from the clip to a blog post?


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    Yes, VideoClix had been the leader in interactive video since 1999. We have recently launched a brand new end-to-end platform for clickable video based on flash.

    Check it out at

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

    Brent Stafford
    VP Business Development

  2. 2

    cemapicecubes said,

    Hi Brent, that’s really interesting, many thanks for bringing that to my attention.
    – Mark H

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